Don't you just hate it when you're stuck in space and all you want to do is pet some dogs but your angry old neighbor won't stop chasing you because you keep petting all his dogs?  Well have we got a game for you!  Introducing... Pet Pets!  The game where you can practice your geezer-evading skills without the real consequences of trespassing on someone else's property and petting their dogs without asking!

Pet Pets is a shooter game (don't worry, you only shoot love and support) made on Construct 3.  It was a collaborative final project made by Holly Cheng and Kiara Yupangco for UCSC's CMPM 80K in Winter 2018.


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this was a very nice game. it had very cute pixel art and good choice of music. but my god the neighbor had godlike pathfinding! very hard to dodge him. still enjoyed the game a lot. hope yall got a good grade with this game!


thank you so much!! ahaha it's a cute rage game because we couldn't figure out how to balance the neighbor with the tools we were given. thank you so much for making a video of you playing our game!! it was hilarious, we loved it so much :D